Thursday, 21 February 2013

Call for papers - the XVII Conference on Patristic Studies Oxford 10-14 August 2015

Today it is a pleasure to invite you to the next, the XVII Conference on Patristic Studies Oxford (10-14 August 2015), to visit our newly designed website (, to register and to submit your abstract there. Hopefully, it should be much easier to do this than last round, but if you encounter problems, please don't hesitate to send me an email and I will do the best I can that you can get registered and submit your abstract. All deadlines - especially for the early bird discounted fees, you will find on the website (

As you will see, the website looks different - but we would like to improve it even more. It would be wonderful, if you could send me a few photographs of previous conferences, as we could create a small archive on the site that presents such photos to recreate memories.

Again, you can also visit our blog ( where we are going to publish the abstracts, as soon as they are accepted. Please note, we are also publishing reviews on our blog, call for papers, conferences and others - if you wish your book to be reviewed please ask the publishers to send the book to my King's College London address.

While we are preparing for the next Conference, let me also update you on the progress of the publication of the proceedings of the 2011 Conference. All papers that have been accepted (we had more than one third more submissions compared to 2007), have been layouted, and all authors should have received these layout proofs in the meantime. If you have not seen these proofs, please get in touch with me (and attach your original submission), so that we can trace, if anything had gone lost in the process. Despite much care, I still discover some correspondence which has gone astray.
To give you an insight into the publication of the proceedings, I attach the latest version of the distribution of articles to volumes - as you will see, it is planned that we are publishing the proceedings in around 20 volumes - and, for the first time, we will start these volumes with a number of special volumes (partly edited by special editors), often derived from workshops of the 2011 Conference. I hope, this innovation will meet with colleagues approval and serves as an invitation to suggest your own workshop for the 2015 Conference.
As work has well progressed, we are confident that the volumes will come out sometime in summer of this year 2013, hence barely 2 years after the close of the last Conference. Let me thank you and all colleagues for your tremendous support (delivery, fine pre-editing according to the Style Guide, quick returns and correspondence, your kind reminders, generous understanding and the immense work our peer reviewers have done - thanks to all).

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