Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hurray!!! All submissions are now in the peer review process

And, please, if you have submitted your contribution to me and have not received an acknowledgement by now - I still discovered some emails which ended in some spam filters - please send me an email and resubmit your paper. All other papers are now in the peer review process and I am happy to say that about 100 of those have already passed that stage with about 10% papers which were rejected and about the same amount of papers which needed substantial reworking. And yet, as far as I can see from the reviewers comments, the volumes promise to become another benchmark edition of Patristic research. Thanks to all who trust our editorial process. And please, be again patient with the main editor, as all the papers need to be read not only by the peer reviewers, but also several times by the main editor who overlooks the editing process of each of the papers.
We hope that within the next 3 to 4 months we will have finished the peer reviewing process and that the volumes will appear in 2013.

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