Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sarah Bond: Digital Humanities and the Study of Patristics Developing the Terra Biblica and BAM (“Big Ancient Mediterranean”) Online Resources

This paper will explore the technical framework and project workflow for two major interrelated online resources, Terra Biblica and “BAM” (the “Big Ancient Mediterranean”), which will leverage GIS tools and annotation/data mining capabilities to allow the exploration of ancient texts in new ways.  Terra Biblica is a tool for the geospatial analysis/plot mapping of biblical and related literature; Big Ancient Mediterranean is an information portal for exploring the development of various ancient social groups over multiple centuries (thus “big history”), through an interface combining GIS, networks, and textual search on richly annotated sources.  Sources for pre-Constantinian Christianity constitute the first data set, to be followed later by fourth-century materials. The project is a joint venture between the University of Iowa (Paul Dilley, Sarah Bond), the Pleiades Project, and Ryan Horne (Ancient World Mapping Center, UNC-Chapel Hill).

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