Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Panagiotis Manafis: Catenae on Luke: the commentary and its differing paratextual features

The paper concerns manuscripts transmitting catenae on the Gospel according to Luke. In particular, the paper reflects on how the study of the structure of catenae on Luke based on the selection and arrangement of excerpts culled from earlier sources as well as of other paratextual features could provide both a means of grouping known manuscripts and a shortcut of identifying further copies. In this respect, features such as the way in which lemmata are indicated and connected to the comments, the manner in which the text under consideration was divided for comment, the indication of the source of each extract in the exposition, the sequence of excerpts themselves within the commentary on each verse, the presence of titles or lectionary markings may offer means of organising catenae manuscripts on Luke into groups. The examination of such features as well as the study of selected test passages may help us establish how catenae manuscripts on Luke relate to each other.

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