Friday, 17 May 2019

Jérémy Delmulle: An Augustinian Handbook Against Pelagianism by Prosper of Aquitaine?

At the end of his treatise Contra collatorem (C. coll., 21, 3), Prosper of Aquitaine lists ten anti-Pelagian works by Augustine, which he advises his reader to read in order to better understand the continuity of Augustine's thinking about grace. This list is also, de facto, a reading program for anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge on the themes of grace, free will and predestination.In this paper, we will try to understand what guided Prosper in the choice of these ten titles and what his knowledge of this anti-Pelagian corpus might have been. Did this corpus already exist as such before Prosper, or did Prosper forge it himself? We will try to compare the information contained in this passage with the testimony of the manuscript tradition of each of the works. We will also consider the use that later authors made of this passage of Prosper, in particular to understand if this passage was considered as a reading guide intended to combat the Pelagian theories, in particular from the 5th to the 9th century.

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